INSTALL Neil Mark up

Men in suits


INSTALL Caz Guiney

INSTALL Rayna Fahey

INSTALL Men in Suits

Install Anthony

Speach bubble copy


Cabinet Maps

Panel Production copy

Ilan walk copy

Rayna City walk copy

Platform model v2 copy

Rayna Fahey copy

Caz Guiney walk copy

Roarawar ZINE copy

Projector Obscura walk copy

Roarawar 2

Anthony Magen copy

Caz Guiney

Projector Obscura


The last production stage – every postcard is being customised or franked with a stamp which has each artist’s contact details

Neil WALK 1

Cye walk 2

Cye Wood returns for a second and more detailed set of walks and sound experiments in the city. We discuss his approach of improvisation as a process of musical composition and a way to create a shared empathetic experiences between performer and observer within public spaces.

Postcard design copy

Ceri walk

The next artist walk was a nocturnal adventure in the city with Ceri Hann, exploring zones for ‘Lightjacking’. This is a process where you hijack an existing light in the city – like as a building spotlight or uplight – and harness it’s light for your own projection purposes using mirrors, lenses and overhead plastic.

Map making

Creating a base map of Melbourne to use for the project became a critical requirement. Using A2 drafting film, Letra-tone, a knife and a light box, the map was hand assembled by compiling of two enlarged maps – one: a basic tourist map of Melbourne; and the other: Map #1 of the Melways for detail.

Cye Walk 1

The first city walk was with composer and violinist, Cye Wood. We spent a few hours seeking out resonate acoustic spaces across the city. The Arts Centre under croft as a possible location. As we were discussing how this space might work, a near-by jogger paused for a moment then burst into a perfect aria for five minutes, then continued on his run. Absolute synchronisity!

mark up the city 2007

This is where the project began – on a summers day, walking through the city with a piece of chalk in hand. Observing and imagining the creative potential that the city offered and marking up it’s surfaces as if it was 1:1 architectural drawing.

Inspired by Arthur Stance who marked up the streets of Sydney with the word ‘Eternity’.


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