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The Interventionist Guide: A city addicted to rules and regulations gets a radical artistic intervention!

During October, 12 urban artists will present a daring 12-step program to help break Melbourne’s habits of convention.

Interventions 16-18 October

Mark up your city…. take part in some creative urban orienteering!

Twelve local artists with diverse practices ranging from digital projection to ‘light jacking’ with mirrors, from theatre to pirate radio transmission and from street cross-stitch to improvised violin, are inviting Melbournians to participate in The Interventionist Guide, an interactive artistic wake-up call to confront all that is predictable and boring in our streets.

The Interventionist Guide has its HQ in the subterranean gallery, Platform, at Flinders st Station from where it will spread out into far-flung and forgotten corners of the city. The 12 cabinets within Platform provide illustrative mapping devices, a ‘users guide’ to creatively intervene within a range of urban spaces selected by each artist to reveal the unique nature of each location and the creative potential it offers.

Curator Lynda Roberts of Public Assembly arts group will also be temporarily overlaying an alternative map on Melbourne’s Information Way finder signage to show the location of the Interventionists and their installations and projects.

“I’m hoping all Melbournians will get involved,” says Roberts. “It’s our city and it’s our responsibility. We’re a pretty vibrant place but even the healthiest of cities can do with a bit of creative rejuvenation now and then. Especially after a season on the couch watching the footy.”

The public is encouraged to participate in a number of ways, by taking the radio powered ‘Transistor Show’ or gentle sensory walk alternative tours with artists Neil Thomas, Anthony Magen and Ilan Abrahams, listening to violinist Cye Wood’s strings reverberate in underground tunnels and walkways, watching as office walls and wire fences are transformed into blank canvases for the works of Projector Obscura and Radical Cross Stitch, be confronted with odd behaviour by the Roarawar Feartata Collective and delighted by tiny micro-galleries by jeweller Caz Guiney and playful experiments with mirrors by Light-Jacker Ceri Hann.

“I’m sure that those who participate in The Interventionist Guide will change the way they see Melbourne,” says Roberts. “In fact, those who participate will change the way Melbourne is.”

WHEN: Friday October 16 until Sunday October 18.

WHERE: Project headquarters at Platform, Degraves Subway, Melbourne. Interventions will be across a range of Melbourne CBD locations – refer to the attached map for times and location details.



Lynda Roberts ph : 0418 218 081 email :

IMAGES: The following images are available as high resolution jpg. files upon request.


IMAGE ONE | Roarawar-fearatata-collective at Platform, Degraves subway Melbourne

Projector Obscura v2

IMAGE TWO | Projector Obscura intervention

Men in Suits copy

IMAGE THREE | Men in Suits sharing ideas at Platform exhibition.


FOUR | Sharing the love: Rayna Fahey Flinders Lane cross stitch bike intervention




Caz Guiney | Installing work insitu

Saturday October 17 at 2pm. Meet at the corner of Bourke St and Godfrey St



Cye Wood | Violin Improvisation

Friday October 16 from 4.30pm. Centreway Arcade – Collins St + Flinders Ln



Projector Obscura | Guerilla Projection

Saturday October 17 at 8pm. Meeting Point: Banana Alley Bridge,Finders Street



Ceri Hann | Light-jacking

Barrel of monkeys philosophy department beside the city square around a 44 gallon drum, bring mirrors, lenses and imagination. Friday October 16 at 8pm



Anthony Magen | Sound Walk

Friday October 16 at 7pm. Meet at the Majorca Cabinet: Degraves Street

Sunday October 18 at 3pm. Meet at the Majorca Cabinet: Degraves Street


Lynda Roberts | Urban Curation

Curb-side drinks + hot-off the press interventionist guides. Friday October 16 at 6pm. Majorca Cabinet: Degraves Street



Neil Thomas | Transistor Show

Subway transistor sit-in. Remember to bring an fm receiver and headphones. Broadcasting throughout October. Degraves Subway.



Ilan Abrahams | Planter box shuffle

Friday October 16 from 3pm. Federation Square, Swanston St side

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