Mark up your city…. take part in some creative urban orienteering!

During the month of October 2009, Platform Gallery at Flinders St Station will transform into a virtual map of Melbourne, revealing sites for individuals and groups to creatively and temporarily intervene within the existing urban fabric.

The exhibition is based on the zine ‘The Interventionist Guide to Melbourne’ a suite of publications edited by 10 artists whose practice interrogates the urban fabric in some way – including temporal performance, light and sound events and installation.

Each cabinet within Platform will act as a ‘deposit box’ of ideas which will change over time – representing a wide range of temporal events which sit beyond the gallery, exploring creative urban opportunism and social engagement.

platform image

The exhibition will also be the basis for a three day season of temporal events that will take place beyond the gallery where by each artist will produce a creative response in-situ . In this way, each intervention can be visited by Platform audiences – extending the exhibition beyond its subterranean location to become a map and guide to potential creative scenarios for the city above.

“To intervene on a territory is not merely an act of planning but an act of creation, an attempt to assemble contradictions and transform them into poetic relationships: ultimately one is more attentive to modifying how space is perceived than the way space itself exists.”

Stalker lab | Manifesto : the project

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